Creating a Clean and Tidy Home in 30 Minutes….

We all want a clean and tidy home. One of the greatest reasons to stay away for a weekend in a hotel is the tidy and organised space, and the fact that someone follows you around and tidies up after you! You don’t even have to make the bed before you check out – but we usually do anyway.

Unless you have a family full of very helpful people at home, at times your home can look like the proverbial bomb has hit it.

Having a tidy home isn’t just about looking like you’ve got your sh*t together for that unexpected guest or for when your friends come for the dinner party though. Having a tidy home gives you some unexpected benefits…

A tidy home means a tidy (and contented) mind

There’s a lot of research out there from feng shui to news from Inc.com that suggests that a tidy home or office desk increases your mental health and productivity.A tidy environment affects your mind and your mental wellbeing, and keeping your home in an orderly fashion can help you stay on track and be happier.

According to Bupa, a clear-desk policy could help your mental wellbeing at work, so surely this can play out in your home too?

With that in mind (quite literally) here are some ways to keep your home tidy and your brain happier and healthier.

The TOMM method

The TOMM Method (The Organised Mum Method) is becoming hugely popular. The Facebook Group dedicated to the method has nearly 100,000 members!

The process is very simple and if you’re living in a house that resembles ‘Primark in the sales’, then there are some simple tactics you can deploy right away.

The concept is so simple, it’s brilliant. Spend just 30 minutes a day working on one room at a time and follow the basic rules:

  • Take before and after photos
  • Start in the bottom left and work clockwise
  • Touch it? Sort it.
  • And sort into three piles:
    Bin it.
    Keep it.
    Donate it.

This will give you a laser focus and ruthless approach to all that mess that’s running your life and ruining your peace of mind.

Keep on top of it

Then, when you’ve done all the rooms (after a celebratory G&T) keep on top of it! This is easier said and done with a busy life, we know, but aside from someone coming into your home and turning out all the drawers, the people who live there are creating the mess.

Teenagers are renowned for being blind to mess and working parents rarely have time to be exceptionally ‘tidy’, but you’ll be amazed how simple it is to put it back after use, wipe it now, don’t leave it to dry, and hang that coat up when you take it off instead of leaving it to encourage more clutter to fester there.

Mess loves mess - so don’t let it build-up and encourage more.

Get a cleaner

“Brits spend an average of 10 years doing household chores” according to newsShopper. Wow! A decade on jobs you hate? No thanks!  

Getting a cleaner might seem extravagant, but when you consider how much more productive you’ll be at home when someone covers just the dusting and hoovering, and bathroom and kitchen cleaning, you’ll soon see that you were doing the job of many people.

Why spend a decade cleaning? Spend the time doing something more valuable to you and your family. Cleaners have all the gear and all the ideas and invariably get the jobs done faster too, so they’re rarely as expensive as you think they will be.

The time given back to you is great for your headspace and if you’re a weekend hoover and dusting warrior then you’ll now have more time to chill… or chase the kids around the house picking up their clothes!

Let us take care of the laundry and ironing

On average, you’ll spend almost two hours a week the washing and ironing. We suspect it’s more.

That time could be spent taking a walk, working out, reading, chatting to your friends or loved ones, and generally looking after yourself.

Getting someone to collect and deliver your laundry might seem extravagant, but it’s far better for your mental health and wellbeing than those extra coffees, mid-week bottles of wine, or that expensive cake that made it into the online shopping again. (Yum!)

Invest in yourself, give yourself some valuable ‘me time’, and let us handle the jobs you hate.

Contact us now for a quote or pop into The Ironing Lady in Reading and speak to one of the team.

You can find all the info on our collection and delivery times right here. Then go and pop the kettle on.

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