Dry Cleaning Services in Reading – Delivery and Collection Service

Dry Cleaning - the dos, don'ts, and hows...

Some of the clothes you buy are marked as dry clean. This obviously means they shouldn’t be cleaned using a domestic washing machine and certainly shouldn’t be put in a domestic tumble dryer. This is due to the delicate nature of the product - standard domestic washing and cleaning agents will harm them.

You don’t always have to dry clean them though. A quick check on the washing label will show you this. ‘Dry Clean Only’ means just that, but the circle with a cross through means do NOT dry clean.

Here’s a simple dry-cleaning label guide for you:

  • When your label has a small circle, the manufacture says that this must be dry cleaned
  • If there’s a little letter inside the circle, then this is to tell us which chemical can be used
  • Bars underneath the symbol show the level of care that should be taken when dry cleaning it
  • If your garment has cross over the circle symbol, then you should never dry clean it.

Washing Instruction label explained

How do we dry clean your clothes?

We use a modern ‘wet cleaning system’ called Lagoon Advanced Care which is known as the ‘green spa for your clothes’.

Unlike traditional dry cleaners, we don’t use those old-style chemical dry cleaning methods and chemicals. In fact - we don’t actually dry clean at all.  

The Lagoon Advance Care system is the only wet cleaning system with accreditation from Woolmark and the only alternative to dry cleaning that we believe in and endorse.

  • It’s kinder to both the garments and the environment.
  • It safely cleans even the most delicate wools, silks, and leather.
  • And it’s dry in under an hour!

Because the machine is small and economical to run, we clean each order separately, so your dry cleaning is never mixed or washed with other people’s  clothes. This is something that our founder, Jackie feels very strongly about.She has some very useful OCD tendencies which are helpful in our industry!

Dry cleaning delivery and collection in Reading

If you’re local, you don’t even need to traipse in to the shop to drop off your dry cleaning.

Our delivery and collection times for all our services are:

  • Monday collection - We collect in Henley-on-Thames and surrounding villages on Monday mornings and then work in Burghfield in the afternoon.

    Delivered back: Middle of the day on Tuesday.

  • Tuesday collection - At 6.30am on Tuesdays our driver leaves the shop to cover Spencer’s Wood, Arborfield, Wokingham, Winnersh, Shinfield, and Earley.

    Delivered back: Tuesday evenings.
  • Wednesday collection - On Wednesday our driver leaves at 8am to collect from Pangbourne, Whitchurch, Basildon, Aldworth, and the villages west of our shop.

    Delivered back:
    Wednesday afternoons or Thursday.
  • Daily collection - We also collect and deliver daily in Caversham and Tilehurst. Our turnaround is a guaranteed for 24 hours (iron only), but obviously laundry may take longer, especially if items can’t be tumble dried.

In a hurry and want to wear something soon? We can even do an express service except on Fridays and Saturdays at present.

Dry cleaning collected and delivered back to you

We’ve been servicing domestic and commercial businesses in Reading for many years. Let us take care of your garments and keep you looking and feeling great while you get on with your busy life.

To arrange a collection please contact us now or call us on 0118 942 2200.

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