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How to Iron Your Shirts to the Ironing Lady Standard

A well-ironed shirt makes the difference between looking slap-dash and looking smart and confident. Over the many years we’ve been laundering clothes in Reading, we’ve spoken to many customers who really hate ironing shirts because they find it really tricky and they struggle to get a good result. There’s a lot that goes into getting…
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How to Keep Your Favourite Clothes for Longer

As household items become more expensive, it’s likely that your clothing bill will be rising too. Caring for your clothes is the best way to keep them looking great and staying with you for longer. The more you spend on clothing, the better chance you have of them lasting more than a few wears or…
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Four Simple Benefits You’ll Get From Ironing Your Clothes

For many people ironing might be the last thing you’d want to do today. Maybe you’re reading this after finding it on social media whilst avoidingthe ironing! We love ironing. We really do. We know that it’s great for your clothes and appearance and helps you to feel and look smart and ‘put together’. Of…
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