The Ironing Lady's staff take a genuine pride in their work. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, you can be assured of a professional but friendly approach from our experienced and happy staff. All our ladies are undergoing continuous training and development, working towards relevant qualifications which recognise their skills.

The business has been established since 2004, and employs twenty staff between the Ironing Lady and Cleaning Ladies.

  • Christine


    Christine is very quiet with a grown up family and takes her work very seriously and enjoys doing a good…

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  • Lorraine


    Lorraine joined us as our delivery driver in 2007, and has worked her way up the ranks to become Our…

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  • Jackie


    After seven years as a CEO in London, Jackie invested her early retirement lump sum in setting up The Ironing…

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  • Juliet


    Juliet is our longest serving ironer. Mum to a gorgeous little girl, Juliet enjoys cooking, reading and shopping!

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  • Halina


    Halina is our most recent recruit to the team of ironers. Mum to one of our brilliant cleaners, she is…

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  • Peter


    Peter is our driver, quite popular with the customers! In his spare time, Peter likes gaming - square eyes or…

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  • Rukije


    A very quiet lady, Rukije's ironing is so beautifully done, she now works in the shop!!.

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  • Krystna


    Helen went on maternity leave when she had her little boy, and now just does Saturday mornings or one half…

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