We Don’t Do Dry Cleaning (We Have a Better Alternative)

For many years dry cleaning has been the only option for some clothes. When you buy an item of clothing and you see ‘Dry clean only’ on the wash label your heart might sink as you know this now means you can’t clean it at home along with your normal washing.

Some clothes are simply made from finer materials and your harsher washing machine and the detergents they use are simply not built or designed to wash those fibres and take the greatest of care with them.

You might think the only option is a dry clean.

For years we sent out our dry cleaning jobs to a major dry cleaner nearby which is very common for high street dry cleaning suppliers. One of the major reasons was that we, like you, didn’t like those awful chemicals and the smell they gave off.

Imagine having to work with that smell all day? No thanks!

Not only is the smell bad, but those harsh chemicals are really bad for the environment and the clothes never felt that great after they’d been cleaned either. They never felt fresh to us.

Why we don’t like dry cleaning:

  • The terrible smell.
  • The worrying effect on the environment.
  • The residual feel added to clothes.

It turns out that our customers agreed. So we had to find a better way…

The answer strangely came from something that was far from dry!

Wet Cleaning is now becoming more and more popular and thanks to companies like Electrolux and the advances they’re making. In fact, wet cleaning is now far better and more efficient than ever before. This allows us to give you a better service and a far better final result!

Thanks to the invention of wet cleaning lots of our objections to dry cleaning were overcome and we’ve have embraced it so much that we now do it in house!

Welcome to the Lagoon

Lagoon is the Electrolux system that we use at The Ironing Lady and we’re very proud to have made this choice. Lagoon is a true alternative to dry cleaning and is really does give us what we knew and loved from dry cleaning, without the parts we didn’t like.

Dry cleaning gave us:

  • Fabric care and protection
  • Good cleaning results
  • Fast drying times
  • Quick turnaround for customers

With Lagoon wet cleaning we get all of the above but then we get to be far more environmentally friendly, too.

Lagoon wet cleaning is a solvent-free ‘dry-cleaning’ that doesn’t use toxic chemicals because it uses on of the most natural products in the world as a solvent – water!  

This is really great news for us, for you, and for your garments. We said goodbye to dry cleaning forever when we heard that The Woolmark Company had endorsed the process too.

With Lagoon Wet Cleaning we get all the benefits of water coupled with the speed and efficiency of dry cleaning. We both get a fast and effective clean in less than one hour which enables us to offer the quick turnaround times with collection and delivery of dry cleaning in Reading!

The Lagoon System is just brilliant, and despite the water and detergents used, it protects the clothes, the environment, and you can use it with labels that say ‘dry clean only’.

Why we love Lagoon Wet Cleaning

Let’s face it, we’d all like to be more caring towards the environment and care for our clothes more, but the world we live in is so very busy. The reason we offer a laundry service is to help our busy households who are too busy with work, children, school runs, meetings, and more.

We don’t always have the time to make and follow through on all the choices we’d like, do we?

Lagoon helps us be more caring to the environment and to our clothes though.

Here are five reasons we love it and why we ditched dry cleaning from The Ironing Lady.

1. It’s Sustainable

Lagoon Wet Cleaning is environmentally-friendly because it doesn’t use awful toxic chemicals in the process. By using water as the solvent it’s sustainable.

2. It’s Better for Delicates

Usually this move would be a compromise, but Lagoon actually gives us outstanding results with even the most precious textiles and fine wools. We wet wash all ‘dry clean only’ clothes as Lagoon isn’t going to harm them.

3. Faster turnaround

Thanks to theamazing loading time and enhanced cleaning science, we can still supply a fast ‘dry clean’ to you. Faster process times gives you your clothes back cleaner and faster.

4. Better Cleaning Results

Overall, Lagoon leaves your clothes looking, smelling, and feeling better after the clean and we think that’s a win, win, win!

5. The Woolmark Company Nod

Lagoon has even been endorsed by The Woolmark Company who say that it’s suitable even for their fine wools, which they label as dry clean only.

At the end of the day (and the clean) your garments are clean, dry and soft to the touch, and smell natural too.

We’ve said goodbye to dry cleaning… but you don’t have to worry.

Bring your dry cleaning to us and we’ll clean them with the more modern and more efficient and more sustainable cleaning with Lagoon.

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