Perfect Ironing: The Tools You Need for Great Ironing Results

Ironing gets a really bad name for itself in the ever-growing list of household jobs. It’s all too often the job that’s left until the last minute or never done at all.

Why? Because apparently people ‘hate ironing’!

A quick search of Google and you find all manner of searches related to the apparent hatred of the everyday household chore  - there’s even a whole website committed to helping people who hate it… written by people who hate it!

My, oh my… What a strange thing to hate. We love ironing!

We understand why you don’t like it, and we also understand that we’re maybe a little weird for loving ironing, but it’s soooo satisfying.

Anyway, if you have to do your own ironing and you don’t have a local ironing service near you, then here are some key tools you’ll need plus some tips on using them.

Versatile steam iron

We know, this is a really obvious thing to point out, but it’s the selection of iron that’s really important. Choosing the right iron is the first step to ironing greatness and you’re best to go for a versatile iron with some good options.

These might include:

  • Stainless steel soleplate – It’s durable and it won’t collector keep dirt.
  • Variable but high steam rate - this really helps with stubborn creases.
  • Temperature control - for obvious reasons, but a digital one is better for accuracy.
  • Auto-shut off –just in case you leave it on, the iron will shut down.

And get a heavier iron for better results, too. 

In the modern age, everything is built in lightweight materials so a heavy iron might not be something you think you need. But the extra weight will actually save you pressing down so much, and you’ll get better ironing results.

Padded ironing board

Next let’s look at the area you’ll lay your clothes down on.It can be tempting to scrimp here, but a really good and sturdy ironing board is essential.

Firstly, you really don’t want the legs collapsing when you have a heavy iron on it.

Secondly, you’ll want a quality and padded surface to iron on to protect your clothes and linen.

Your ironing board will be frequently collapsed, then putout to use, and then of course have a hot iron run over the top of it. A cheap ironing board is false economy for someone who is going to be an ironing king or queen like you are! So get a good quality one.

Sleeve ironing board

Strapped for space? A sleeve ironing board is great for this. It’s a little table top board that you can pop onto your kitchen work to portable and run a few items under the iron. Although not as large as a standard ironing board (that’s kinda the point!) a sleeve iron still allows you . to place the clothes around the board or even quickly pull a shirt sleeve over the board if you’re in a rush!

Pressing ham

A pressing ham is a tightly packed ham-shaped cushion that can be used to press curved seams or darts in shirts. The specially contoured shape of a ham enables you to mould and shape the fabric you’re working with easier than without one.

One side of a pressing ham is covered with cotton and the other with wool.

Laundry Spray Starch

Most irons will have a good spray option on them, but for those tricky shirts and other items you’d be well advised to use something like a starch spray. A starch spray will actually make ironing easier and quicker!

You see… now you’re interested in ironing!

And some good music or TV…

Ironing can be quite monotonous and we’re the first to admit that it can get a little repetitive. So… get your ironing groove on or get a good boxset loaded up on Netflix and iron your way through a few series catch-ups!

Something quite upbeat will get you through the shirts and sheets on the music front but we do suggest that you don’t choose a suspense thriller that stops you in your tracks… as you might leave the iron on your clothes a little too long!

Love it or hate – now you have the tools to succeed

Ironing may have come fourth in the all-time most hated household jobs, but we love it! If you’d like us to take the ironing off your hands, iron it and deliver it back to you then please do contact us now.

Let us do the hard work for you.



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