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The Washing Symbols on Your Clothes Explained: A Simple Guide

Caring for your treasured garments is our aim. Clothes are very important possessions for many people. They can say a lot about you, your personality, and your professionalism. When you look well turned out it demonstrates your attention to detail. Clothes look great when you first buy them, but over time they can begin to…
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Perfect Ironing: The Tools You Need for Great Ironing Results

Ironing gets a really bad name for itself in the ever-growing list of household jobs. It’s all too often the job that’s left until the last minute or never done at all. Why? Because apparently people ‘hate ironing’! A quick search of Google and you find all manner of searches related to the apparent hatred…
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We Don’t Do Dry Cleaning (We Have a Better Alternative)

For many years dry cleaning has been the only option for some clothes. When you buy an item of clothing and you see ‘Dry clean only’ on the wash label your heart might sink as you know this now means you can’t clean it at home along with your normal washing. Some clothes are simply…
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Do you Offer a Laundry Delivery Service in Reading?

These days it seems that you can get anything you want delivered to your home. From one-click ordering on Amazon to groceries and even apps that call a taxi for you, we’re all very keen to get the world to move around us, aren’t we? There’s certainly nothing wrong with a bit of convenience. We’ve…
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