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How to Keep your Whites, White: 9 Tips for Bright White Laundry

Keeping your clothes and laundry in the best condition is the aim of any household or laundry service. Cheaper cloth will struggle to look new for a long time, but higher end materials will certainly see you looking and feeling great for many years to come… … so long as you care for them! Your…
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Can You Pack Your Clothes into Your Suitcase and Avoid Creases?

It’s holiday season and many of us are planning an escape to the sun. The more reliable weather in far reaching places is a great reason to get away from it all and have some well-deserved time off. But getting ready to go on holiday can be a stressful time. Aside from deciding what you…
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How can I clean my Ugg boots and leather jacket?

You might know The Ironing Lady mainly for doing, well, ironing!And you’d be right. We do offer a much-needed collection and delivery service in Reading for washing and ironing. But what about those awkward items that sit in a bag waiting to be taken somewhere to be sorted out? Or worse still, left languishing in…
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Creating a Clean and Tidy Home in 30 Minutes….

We all want a clean and tidy home. One of the greatest reasons to stay away for a weekend in a hotel is the tidy and organised space, and the fact that someone follows you around and tidies up after you! You don’t even have to make the bed before you check out – but…
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