How to Keep your Whites, White: 9 Tips for Bright White Laundry

Keeping your clothes and laundry in the best condition is the aim of any household or laundry service. Cheaper cloth will struggle to look new for a long time, but higher end materials will certainly see you looking and feeling great for many years to come…

… so long as you care for them!

Your whites are likely to show up stains and wear more than most of your laundry, purely because of their pale colour. But there’s help at hand – here are 9 whiter than white tips to keep you and your clothes looking bright and fresh!

Choose ‘no stain’ clothes

Ok, it’s a bit of a cheat this one, but you can now get material that professes to be ‘no stain’. Clothing designer Elizabeth Clarke has created a whole range dedicated to the real world that are resistant to stains.

The designer says that that they “use a similar process that a flower does to repel the morning dew” to prevent the stains from sticking to the fabric at all. What a dream, hey?

Read the label

Of course, with all laundry you’re advised to read the washing labels. This will give you the best chance of looking after your clothes properly, and it gives your whites the best chance of the best possible wash. Whites are up against it – give them some care!

Don’t wash too much at one time

Overloading your drum is a bad idea. Your washing machine manufacturer will confirm that. It’s why you’re advised to get your duvet dry cleaned, as the weight of your bedding is likely to over-do the drum mechanism. Don’t be tempted to try to cram all your washing in the machine at once as you’ll get less than satisfactory results because your clothes aren’t free to move around and get clean. This goes for whites and colours.

Go as hot as you can

As long as you’re reading the labels, you’ll get the right heat. Whites get better results at higher temperatures, so just make sure that you’re reading the washing label and not risking any damage or shrinking to your laundry.

Use the right amount of cleaner

Get the dosage right: Not too much; not too little. Reading the manufacturer’s instructions on the bottle is one way, although cynics will tell you that they’ll just encourage you to use more so they sell more! The right amount for the load, temperature, and the machine is important to get that chemical and cleaning equation just right.

Wash whites separately

It’s a simple tip, but make sure that you do separate your whites. You might have found out the hard way if you’ve ever put coloured items in with whites, or you may have just simply got duller, greyer whites. That stray red sock in your whites really can turn everything a light shade of pink!Split them out and that way you can wash the whites at higher temperatures and get better results without your colours running.

Wash them every two wears

If you’re washing your whites with the guidance of the manufacturers then you’ll be able to wash them more and not risk them looking old, sooner. Don’t leave your whites hanging around for too long between wears.Wash them every two wears to give the machine and detergent the best chance of success. Leaving them too long between washes allows the dirt to move further in the fibres of the fabric. (White underwear doesn’t follow this rule, clearly!)

Get to the stains pronto!

When all is said and done, when you do get a stain, deal with it right away. Red wine stains and blood stains are tough for washing, and whites will show up the stain more than coloured fabrics.

Get to the stain right away and you’ll stand a far better chance of seeing your clothes restored to their former glory.

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