Simple Washing and Laundry Tips to Give You Noticeably Better Results

Washing and laundry are those jobs that you can’t escape in the home. Unless you have a home helper or you get your washing and laundry collected, then you’ll be no doubt filling and emptying your washing machine and dryer several times a week.

Washing and laundry take up some of the estimated 2,000hours in our lifetime that we’ll spend doing household chores. Needs must, hey?

If a job’s worth doing though, it’s worth doing right, and we like to help you get the best results from your laundry by sharing tips that we find, hear, or use ourselves.

We hope this little list helps give you better results on those jobs you love to hate….

Read the labels

Getting good results can often start from the washing label.Those instructions are put there to help you look after your clothes by only putting them through a lifetime of washing and laundry that suits the clothing material.

Washing labels are often misunderstood though, so here’s our really simple, but exhaustive list of washing labels explained.

Don’t mix colours

Do the darks, the whites, and the colours separately.There’s a very good reason for this. Many strong colours can run in a wash and although usually limited to new clothes or slightly less-expensive ones, there’s always the threat that that red jumper will make your white top, pink!

Dry completely before storing

Clothes need a proper airing before you put them away. If you’re using a dryer it’s worth mentioning that you need to check these too.Sometimes a quick hour airing is the difference between clothes smelling fresh and smelling a little ‘damp’. No one wants to smell like that so make sure you’re confident that your clothes are cupboard dry before they go into the cupboard!

Deal with stains as soon as possible

Stains are the nightmare of clothes and you’re best to deal with them swiftly! Blood on clothes needs swift action before it clots and get engrained in to the fabric and remember:it’s a myth that white wine removes red wine stains.

Whatever the stain, act quickly to stop it soaking in staying in the clothes for longer, possibly making it much more difficult to remove.

Use the right detergent - and not too much

A good detergent will give you better results, but pay attention to the clothes you’re washing and consider a different detergent for items like baby clothes. (There’s more tips on washing baby clothes here.)

  • Powder detergents can work well for general loads.
  • Liquid detergents containing enzymes are great for pre-treating stains.
  • Single tablets or ‘pods’ are really convenient, easy to use, and prevent overdosing, but can be more expensive and need to be kept out of the reach of little ones.

Most washing machines will suggest a detergent that works well with it but don’t always assume the amounts are correct on the packaging.Manufacturers would rather you use more, so you buy more! More detergent can sometimes create too many soap suds that trap soil and redeposit on your clothes, so err on the side of being more stingy with it.

Remove those tissues!

Who’s done this then? Leaving items like tissues, receipts, business cards, sweets (urgh) and more will give you less than satisfactory results.Check every single pocket each and every time. Don’t rely on the rest of your household to remember to empty their pockets before throwing things in the washing basket! It takes just one item to create an issue for the entire load so be vigilant when you’re loading it in.

Check your filters and drainage

Your machine needs to be performing at its optimum and that means checking that the filters and drainage are working efficiently.

Dryers will often build up with fluff too, and when not cleared, this can cause a fire hazard in your home so make it a habit to give your machines a little spring clean once a week, depending on how often you use the machines. It takes minutes but could give you better results or save bigger problems.

Avoid fading

Clothes can fade over time no matter what you do, but there are some simple ways to slow this process down. Turning your darker colours inside out will reduce friction with other clothes and this has been proven to keep the colours stronger for longer, especially with jeans.

Also avoid washing them on a high temperature or with harsh detergents. Again, read the labels for great perfection.

Don’t go too hot

The temperature of your washing and laundry will give you better results but can fade your clothes or even shrink them in the dryer so read those labels and be careful with those delicates. Try and get away with a colder setting if you can (not with bedding or towels though) to keep those clothes looking greater for longer.

Whites might need more heat though…

Want whiter whites? Often the answer is hotter water. Go by the label but if you notice your whites going grey or yellow then try a hot wash once in a while to get them back to their former glory.

Another reason might be that you’re simply over-loading your washing machine and not giving the machine or the detergent and fair chance to clean. We’ve all been there and crammed the machine full but it’s not worth it if your clothes don’t get clean properly!

Get better ironing results with softener or dryer sheets

Many detergents will advertise that they give a better result for your cleaning and using a dryer sheet in your drying will ease those creases too. If you’re not a fan of ironing then getting some help ahead of the time from your washing habits might be your answer.

All too much for you? Let us do that hard work for you…

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