Four Simple Benefits You’ll Get From Ironing Your Clothes

For many people ironing might be the last thing you’d want to do today. Maybe you’re reading this after finding it on social media whilst avoidingthe ironing!

We love ironing. We really do. We know that it’s great for your clothes and appearance and helps you to feel and look smart and ‘put together’. Of course, if you really can’t stand it, and you live in the Reading area, you could just let us do your ironing for you.

Here are four benefits to ironing your clothes…


This is most likely the reason you iron your clothes. Well-ironed clothes just look better. Crisp white shirts or blouses, ironed trousers and T-Shirts, and even the bed sheets look better after a good iron. You wouldn’t go to a job interview in a crumpled shirt, would you?

Ironing your clothes gives them that new and cared-for look that you just can’t get by hanging them and hoping the creases fall out.

This also means you’ll feel better wearing your clothes and the feel-good factor for looking good shouldn’t be overlooked.

Researchsuggests that feeling good about our appearance gives us a mental wellness boost. We’ll iron to that!

Saving money

As much as we love to iron and do your laundry for you, ironing yourself will save you money. Ironing your clothes really well can also help them last longer. Removing the creases and ensuring they’re properly dry before they go away will help the fibres in the clothes stay newer for longer.

Make sure you read the clothing labels though, and iron at the right temperature to avoiding harming the fibres. Caring for your clothes in the way that the manufacturer intended is the best way to keep your clothes looking great as well as reducing your clothes shopping bill. (Unless of course you simply love clothes shopping, and that idea doesn’t appeal to you!)

Fresh and dry

Have you ever noticed how fresh and dry your clothes area fter a good iron? Aside from a tumble dryer (which can do more harm than good to some clothes) ironing will dry out all the moisture from your wash cycle and remove the possibility of damp staying with your clothes and ruining the look, feel, and smell of them.

A good iron will keep them fresh and smelling great. Who wouldn’t want that?

Time to relax

Mental wellbeing is a hot topic right now and for good reason. We’re all very busy and we neglect our minds at the best of times.Relaxing, switching off, or just taking some time to think is really good for the soul and your mental health.

Ironing is a very methodical job and the back and forth of the iron can iron away the worries.

Meditation has long been recognised as good for our mental health and the effects of ‘just being’ have been practised for centuries.Thankfully the trend is back, and more and more people are seeing the results from good meditation or mindfulness practices.

Ironing is very relaxing when you get into the groove (or should that be crease?). Switch off, daydream, breathe in the warm laundry smells, and know that you’re not only going to look great, you’re helping your mind switch off, too.

Ironing will benefit you, your clothes, and your soul

We love ironing and we have vivid memories of our Mums (and occasionally Dads) ironing away through a pile of laundry on a Sunday evening.Ironing might be a job you hate, and a job we love, but you could well find some relaxing, money-saving, and appearance boosting benefits if you learned to love it.

How about that? Ready to plug in your iron, pull up your board and get going?

Perhaps you’re not convinced. In that case, drop your ironing and laundry around to us in Reading and go for a coffee with friends instead!

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